American Reality

My experience in war has given me a better appreciation for being a private American citizen.  What we chose to do overseas after 9/11 was meant to protect what we care most about being American citizens.

Today we want to explore political correctness or PC.  Are you cautious in your speech or behavior in public?  Do you walk on egg shells concerned you will insult others?  When did Americans have to be concerned about speaking their minds?  Is being PC the new standard at home in America?

From the attacks of September 11, 2001 through today in October 2015 in America, being genuine is now being called into question.  Be aware of commercial media, move with caution with the message being broadcasted.  Mass media puts too much emphasis on being proper or PC calling into question what is right and wrong in modern American society.

Being PC erodes our moral compass changing who we are as Americans causing unnecessary doubt. Distracting our freedom of speech, being politically correct is not worth the price costing our American confidence.

Consider life in Europe.  History often shows how observing Europeans can be a test on what comes our way in America.  As private American citizens, we must not repeat what the Europeans are doing today.  Look closely how European culture is being compromised emphasizing being politically correct not wanting to insult foreign cultures flooding across their borders.

Being courteous and respectful is one thing, rapidly discarding what makes Europeans unique compromises their value to the international community.  Specifically notice what’s happening in Germany and France.  The Germany and France we are familiar with is literally gone forever.  European way of life and culture is changing far too fast to recover.

Consider Europe as an example, the lesson to learn is how as free Americans if we compromise our way of life in favor of political correctness, reality is our American way of life may be impossible to recover.

Being real and genuine free to speak our minds is a natural currency we must protect in America.  That currency in truth fuels our American dream giving us confidence to start all over when we fail.  That confidence is the natural resource fueling our American dreams influencing our American Experience giving us the closest thing to hope.

Reality of truth means health and health means life.  Life is too short not to be genuine or real.  Following the attacks of 9/11, what we learned fighting in war abroad is how life and death are separated by one thing.  The truth.

Political correctness broadcasted over commercial media compromises reality clouding truth.  As American warriors, we advise being genuine Americans confident in speaking your mind over being politically correct.  Use common sense, its your very own to have.

The following collection of American news broadcasts proves the erosion of our American truth.  You already live this experience.  Reality in 2015 is we can no longer rely on freedom of the press, commercial media gives Americans the wrong message.  As free American citizens we must demand the American way of life we cherish most.  The life we fought to protect.



  1. History is repeating….world has known many leaders, like Aryans, the Ming Dynasty, Greeks, Romans, Napoleon, the Third Reich, to name just a few……only humans will survive…..we, the PEOPLE


    1. That’s great! Sounds good, that would be great to ride throughout Europe.

      No, that’s a cafe racer in the picture, one of my favorite depictions of riding. I have a cruiser, a Harley Breakout. What do you ride?


      1. A cruiser also, the BMW R1200RT. Twice a year with a couple of friends cruising for a week through the countryside. In the weekend, just to have fun.


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