Post 9/11 SOF Truths

Eight Simple Statements of Truth

Truth 1: Humans are more important than hardware. 
People – not equipment – make the critical difference. The right people, highly trained and working as a team, will accomplish the mission with the equipment available. On the other hand, the best equipment in the world cannot compensate for a lack of the right people.

Truth 2: Quality is better than quantity.
A small number of people, carefully selected, well trained, and well led, are preferable to larger numbers of troops, some of whom may not be up to the task.

Truth 3: Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.
It takes years to train operational units to the level of proficiency needed to accomplish difficult and specialized SOF missions. Intense training – both in SOF schools and units – is required to integrate competent individuals into fully capable units. This process cannot be hastened without degrading ultimate capability.

Truth 4: Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur.
Creation of competent, fully mission capable units takes time. Employment of fully capable special operations capability on short notice requires highly trained and constantly available SOF units in peacetime.

Truth 5: Most special operations require non-SOF assistance.
The operational effectiveness of our deployed forces cannot be, and never has been, achieved without being enabled by our joint service partners. The support Air Force, Army, Marine and Navy engineers, technicians, intelligence analysts, and the numerous other professions that contribute to SOF, have substantially increased our capabilities and effectiveness throughout the world.

Post 9/11 Truths (est. March 2014)

Truth 6:  No $600 hammers
Greed in warfare is the end of SOF Truths.  Every war comes with waste, fraud, and abuse compromising everything in its path.

Truth 7:  Legacy
Don’t overcompensate for long separations from home, the loss of teammates, families or missed opportunities.  What we accomplish in a time of peace and war can and will be compromised by ignorance at home and abroad.  Our legacies are not defined by past actions on distant battlefields abroad but within our investments in our families and the communities, we leave behind.

Truth 8:  PROMISE  “We’re going in….”  Time and time again, our community has endured the darkest of conflicts where truth preserves our brotherhood.  The precious unspoken understanding earned from the earliest days of selection, our shared bond is the foundation of our most coveted neurotic bursts of confidence found deep within the back of a warrior’s skull.

We will not ask for approval nor wait for permission to do the right thing.  Never again will we leave warriors or their families behind.

Prisoners of War- Missing In Action (POW/MIA)
Iranian Hostage Rescue 1979
Operation Gothic Serpent (Black Hawk Down) 1993
Roberts Ridge 2002
Operation Red Wing 2005
Chinook Shoot down Wardak, Afghanistan August 6, 2011
Benghazi September 11, 2012

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