Mind Map

I skate to where the puck is going to be…not where it has been

Wayne Gretzky

Problem: American National Security & the 21st century

Discussion: iDelectus will cover the following priorities to American National Security

  • American Alliances
  • Global Currency – Cash is KING
  • The Internet, Mobile & Robotic technologies
  • America’s Secret Sauce, the Mayflower¬†& Immigration
  • American education system & Global competition – STEM or STEAM
  • Outer Space and Amazon.com
  • Arctic Circle, Oil, and International Trade Routes
  • Asia & the Great Game II
  • The Cardinal of the Hajj – Christianity, Middle East & the number 3…and Israel/Palestine

Solutions to American National Security = A, B, C, D.


Bill of Rights

U.S. Constitution

Declaration of Independence

“Do not engage in conflict too long or your rivals will get ideas”
Sun Wu
Chinese Military Philosopher
The Art of War
***Notice where the Middle East & China are in United States National Security***

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