American Understanding


To understand is to be aware, respect or how we get something, as if to know.

Understanding how each private citizen pursues their own American Dream, recognizes that journey is the American Experience.

Applied to private citizens and our warriors, the mission of iDelectus is to preserve our American Experience.

Sharing knowledge and experience, we generate genuine thought and discussion offering insight on what it means to be an American citizen.

Warriors = Volunteers = Citizens

As a private citizen, my life cannot exist without warriors.  Without warriors, no citizens.

Vice versa, without private citizens, there is no warrior.  Without both, our lives are incomplete where there is no American way of life.

For much outside that exchange, nothing compares.

Take leadership, for example.  Inside our founding documents, we have guidance defining checks and balances where private citizens can replace leadership.  Leaders come and go.

American Warrior

To recognize American Warriors, you must understand Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL (1974-2012) pictured above.

Representing the best of the American Experience, Chris lived according to the coveted warrior ethos and guidance of the SOF Truths.  The standard and mindset expected and demanded of American Warriors within the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

The ideal definition of an American Warrior is contested, shared yet conflicted in our society.  In the 21st century, we view our American culture through the lens of commercial media driven by financial profit dictating how we should live, think and behave as Americans.  The same is projected determining who is and is not a leader in America.  Politicians, celebrities and athletes come to mind.

In the Wisdom Warrior, Dr. Bohdi Sanders describes a warrior as someone, man or woman, who has the ability and willingness to fight protecting himself, his fellow warriors, his family, and his ideals.

Living with honor, integrity, and an unflinching dedication to what is right according to his own code of honor, which has been refined from intensive study and meditation, they seek perfection of character.

There are many sides to the warrior. True warriors not only develop their physical skills, but they also focus on perfecting their mental, emotional, and
spiritual sides. They seek to find balance in their life and to bring every part of their life into alignment with that of the warrior ideals.

The ideals of the warrior focus on principles which lead to personal fulfillment in every area of his life. Warriors seek to perfect each part of their life, not only their skills in battle.

The warrior lifestyle is one of taking one’s life seriously, especially where honor, character, and integrity are concerned. It requires patience and self-discipline.  It requires dedication and hard work.

The true warrior is not willing to go through life as so many others do, passing each day as if they are on auto-pilot, in a semi-hypnotic state consuming more than producing.  Unlike cultural myths of veterans, warriors are not burdens on society.

He prefers to live life to the fullest, and to live by his own standards. He prefers to be totally awake and live in the present moment.

The warrior’s path is a path of excellence, discipline, service, honor, and character. It is a path that not many are willing to walk, but one which benefits all who dare to travel its steep terrain. Everyone has a decision to make
concerning which life-path he will choose. Most choose the path of least resistance.

Only a select few choose the path of the warrior, but those who do, find it worth the struggle. The warrior’s path is a conduit of excellence. It is
the path of the true human being – the warrior.

The way of the warrior

As private citizens, understanding Chris Kyle’s story American Sniper,” we sleep well at night knowing our American Experience is secured, productive and preserved.


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Warrior Defined

Without Chris Kyle and American Warriors, as private citizens, we would become too distracted from the American Experience. 

Where do warriors like Chris Kyle come from?


To generate thought about the American Experience and our Warriors, please answer the following questions.


The movie “Last Samurai” is the story of the final days of Japanese Samurai.

As seen through the eyes of a Samurai and a former Union soldier from the American Civil War, in the following clip, notice how these warriors find common understanding of “Bushido,” the way of the warrior.

What did the Samurai warrior notice about the American Warrior?

Notice the unspoken respect they shared between each other?

Understanding? Few distractions.

Well after we have passed on, my hope is American Warriors will earn the trust and respect throughout the world equal or greater than the Japanese Samurai still has throughout the world today and tomorrow.

As a unified nation of private citizens, it’s important we choose the best warriors to defend our American Experience. Without more American Warriors like Chris Kyle, Navy SEAL, we lose our American way of Life.

Thank you

More to follow…

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