1poolDaddy, wait for me

Warriors represent greatness.  Greatness is overcoming resistance, sacrifice and near impossible boundaries, often self-doubt.

Warriors routinely pursue excellence never finished until their mission is complete. Beyond their last dying breath they simply…live.

What does amazing look to you?

A beautiful woman?  Art?  The rush of a motorcycle?  The birth of a child?

What wakes you in the morning?

Gives you goose bumps…

The chills…

What makes you come alive?

For us, being alive as a private American citizen was found beneath the chill of deep blue chlorinated waters of an Olympic size pool in Texas.

Beyond the fear of god found in those waters, we learned about the team. About motivation.

August 14, 1990, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas at Operation Location Hotel (OL-H):  US Air Force Special Operations; Combat Control & Pararescue Selection and Indoctrination Course.

Hours and hours swimming back and forth where the days blended into months, months to years.  Fighting each and every anxiety, resisting self-doubt, being scared of losing oxygen being punished under water.

Repeatedly asking ourselves if we’re experiencing this much power and pain in training and selection, what is it?  Why are we pushing ourselves harder merely to survive beyond exhaustion?

Great Equalizer

Our tasks were designed to teach us about persistence, inner strength and personal integrity paying close attention to detail under the highest levels of stress.  Stress at levels you are concerned about survival.  Primal.

Often failing physically yet getting back up, again and again, we never quit. Working in the greatest equalizer, below the surface of the water, we experienced fear most do not recognize.

We were pushed and pushed further until we learned not only to survive, survive and fight when we didn’t want to.  We learned not only to complete the task but to succeed, dominate and win our objectives.

Meaning go beyond stress, overcome failure and being let down then feeling ourselves reach deeper inside finding solutions to problems once thought too much.

We learned how to endure.  How to overcome revealing something even we didn’t see coming.

Full Potential

Entering our community took years.  To finally get accepted onto the teams revealing full potential, to experience what it means to achieve greatness, greatness became the new standard, condition, and expectation.

Greatness was the gift of persistence.

Becoming American special operations warriors came with new responsibilities we only dreamed of as young kids in America.

Commitment to excellence revealed our full potential.  Where else could we go?

What else could we achieve?


Our role as American warriors and leaders in time of war is not taken lightly.

With our mission preserving the American Experience, whether you agree with our American way of life or not, we want you to ask yourself, are you doing your best as private American citizens?

No, not are you serving your country.  First, as private citizens, are you pursuing your own purpose in life and are you reaching your full potential?

The vibrancy of America, the lifeblood, and source of our American economic engine comes from you and every other citizen producing in this country.

Ask yourself, is it still important being a private American citizen?

Living with freedom in the United States of America, are we still worthy enough to lead as a free nation of private citizens in the global community or not?

Thank you not

Do you understand your American warriors are on the American perimeter all over the world for you?

Do you understand why?

We live, fight and die for you.

If you do not understand, you must comprehend.  If there is anytime in the young history of our country, the United States of America, it is now.  Today in 2016, we are most challenged where the very foundation of our American way of life has been called into question.

Something happened in this country, we do not know for certain but it falls within those pictures above.  Are those images acceptable to you?  Do you see yourself in those pictures above?

That side of the American Experience is not good to us American warriors, are they acceptable to you?

Looking from the outside of America on the front lines all over this globe protecting your freedom, we do not want a “thank you for your service.”

We want each and every private American citizen confidently, safely and securely living their American Experience in private.  Taking their time living their own private journey pursuing their own American Dream.

American Experience

Without private American citizens producing in this country we protect and defend, we are not the United States, home of the free, home of the brave.

Don’t rely on us to protect you.  Don’t become complacent, lazy, merely consuming and expect to be handed your American Dream.  No other generation before us was given a free hand, nor should we expect it.

If you see something wrong, don’t say something.  Do something about it!

As private American citizens, we are all Americans.  We’ve been given the right to think for ourselves, where it’s appropriate, take action.

What we want is for you to wake in the morning, every American morning with a sense of purpose.  Understand your purpose, become motivated finding and blazing your own path realize your own destiny, living that American Experience all over the world.

We want you to become uncommon to all, not only revealing your full potential but experience what you never thought possible.

Do not quit, do not stop until you succeed or die, or both.  Be free and live the American Dream.  Don’t allow anyone to stand in your way.  Be a damn American and be proud of yourself.


Repeatedly fighting wars overseas protecting your American Experience, we’ve become uncommon men, American warriors.

Realizing our purpose in America, we understand the amazing meaning of our American Experience.

Nothing else matters.

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