A warrior, well versed and practiced in warfare, understands the Art of War 

A Sage, a craftsman in the Art of War, wins wars without fighting.


From the, the following describes the maturity of warriors.

Warrior Sage


The warrior is just one of many common archetypes. Others include the teacher, the clown, the bully, the redeemer, the sage, the lover, the hero, the villain, the goddess, or one of many others.

“The Awakened Warrior is the blending of two archetypes: the WARRIOR and the SAGE (an enlightened person.) This self- actualized individual has the courage, determination, and strength of the warrior, alongside the wisdom, detachment, and tranquility of the Sage.”

As a warrior evolves and awakens to a heightened perception and understanding of himself and his ultimate reality… he transcends the state of a mere warrior and becomes the warrior-sage.

He begins to see through the optical illusion of separation that divides humanity and acknowledges the literal oneness and totality of the universe.

He starts to recognize himself in the other and the other in himself… coming to the deeper realization that we all arise from the same source of consciousness. We all evolve out of the same nothingness to which we will inevitably return.


The layers of cultural conditioning and programming begin to dissolve and peel away… revealing the essence of who he truly is beyond form and time… beyond his body, mind and the limited identity or personality that he once thought of so strongly as himself.

He embarks upon a journey of growth and self-mastery… turning to the natural world for a deeper understanding of the evolutionary process and the collective principles that govern the universe.

Yet, he also balances his intuition with new insights from science, philosophy, and technology.

He keeps his mind open and as clear as the blue sky, never clinging to one ideology and refuting another. He is constantly growing and evolving. He takes what is useful and valuable, adapts it to his own vision and philosophy and then discards the rest.

The Battle Within

The external battle he once so vehemently fought becomes an internal one between his “ideal self” and his “shadow self”… with the ultimate goal of self-victory!

Can he master his thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to unleash his ultimate potential in life OR will he be crushed by the enemy within – his fears, doubts, and self-defeating mind?

Can he find true happiness through contentment and acceptance of the present moment while providing a valuable service to the world?

OR will his unending craving for more, only prolong his suffering, worry and resistance to what will become of his life?

Before, his overriding philosophy was the art of war… whereas now that he has awakened… it has become the art of peace.

His Awareness is the sword that he wields, cutting through fallacy and illusion wherever he may find it! This is the Awakened Warrior…

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