Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world; Agree?


      1. Yes, I’m very proud, I was lucky to be surrounded by good people.

        Thank you for your military service and your nation’s support as an ally in Afghanistan and supporting Post 9/11 efforts


      2. I appreciate the efforts the US made in WW2 to liberate Europe, it made my freedom possible. Thanks to US in many conflicts. However, sorry, it does make the US the greatest country. The actual situation in the US is of great concern of the World.


      3. Yes, it’s a concern of ours, that’s why I post what I post, to bring awareness to our people. One thing to consider, is America is not alone in this matter. We just happen to be a global leader who now wants to pull back from what appears to be questionable behavior in international matters of health and well being of humanity.

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