Something is happening in America, I cannot put my finger on it.

Am I the only man in America asking the following questions?

In 2017 America, I find myself looking around asking Am I a Good Man?

It’s not out of insecurity.  This question arises out of the national or international climate of political correctness, extremism, compromise of individual privacy and a growing lack of respect questioning everything American tipping the balance of humanity.

In 2017, the early 21st-century America way-of-life lie within my generation’s watch.  Are we doing enough to preserve our way of life?Shaking my head, the time has come, something different must take place.  We Imust shed who we were before and are now becoming something new for these times demand it.

It’s now.  It’s in the air, we must be courageous, jump into the fray accepting change at levels others fear too passive to take action.  Something I am not.

How does one know when a revolution is taking place?  Does someone say it’s so, or do we not confirm until it’s over?

Am I a leader worthy enough of my American citizenship?

Am I a model American?

Am I a Good Man?

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