Drain the SWAMP! FBI Director Comey Howdy Doody Fetish D.C. Pedophile Ring

Youtube reports from alternative media confirm members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) have video tape evidence of former FBI Director James Comey with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, along with Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton etc. engaging in sex acts with each other and with children.


E.T. Williams claims to have personally viewed a video of James Comey and Prince Charles engaging in gay sex with each other (10:58)

These reports confirm that reasons for James Comey being fired by President Trump last week attributed to the conflict of interest between Comey and the Clinton Foundation as well as evidence found in this video tape taken while Comey traveled to Epstein’s tropic Island on Epstein’s aircraft known as the “Lolita Express.”

In the video it is reported that Comey’s fetish with the 1950’s-60’s era kids puppet show “Howdy Doody” played out when Comey had little boys dress up in dyed red hair and freckles where they engaged in sex acts.  When little boys were not available, the video shows Comey having sex Prince Andrew dressed up as Howdy Doody.

Reports corroburating these claims of James Comey and pedophilia are backed by ties with former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner and former Hillary Clinton Chief Human Abedin cutting a deal with the NY Police Department after they seized Weiner’s laptop containing hundreds of thousands of emails tying Washington D.C. insiders to the D.C. pedophile ring known as “Pizzagate.”

James Comey prior to being the Obama appointed FBI Director goes back to Clintongate where Comey was a prosecutor that let the Clintons off the hook for the email scandal where Hillary Clinton housed a private server in her home.

As a former member of HSBC Bank, James Comey also laundered money for HSBC which a large amount ended up in the Clinton Foundation involving James Comey in the Clinton drug trafficking circles, and where there is drug trafficking, there is weapon and child trafficking…

Comey was also on the board of the Clinton Foundation, one of the largest crime syndicates we have ever seen. His brother Peter Comey also works for the Clinton Foundation through the D.C. Law Firm DLA Piper managing the Clinton foundation’s tax returns.  DLA Piper is rated as one of the top ten all time financial contributors to Hillary Clinton.  In 2015 when the email scandal with Hillary Clinton broke, DLA Piper managed the tax audit for the Clinton Foundation.

Drain the swamp!


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