Seth Rich Killers – MS13 through Awan Brother Network into Pakistan onto NATO Global Opium Drug Network and PEDOGATE

Sorry for the long delay, I’ve been working and researching on top of so many things unfolding real time reference to unraveling the assassination of Seth Rich, the corruption of the DNC, threats to President Donald Trump and the mass criminal activity of the Deep State and the Mass Media/Hollywood.  The following is an attempt to motivate you to continue researching using a “Cliff Notes” version of what has been quickly uncovered by Alternate Media and Journalists through YouTube and the World Wide Web.  Good luck and let me know if I lose you!

UPDATE May 31, 2017

Seth Rich Killers are immediately being traced to gang members from the Hispanic mafia known as MS-13 hired by “Blackberry Network” managed by Awan Brothers throughout Congress and the “Swamp” into networks of American Generals and Colonels connected with an underground network spanning the globe from D.C deep into Pakistan where NATO forces run a global “Opium Network” where profits gained by the “Deep State” are laundered from Afghanistan/Pakistan into Djoubti into Abu Dhabi and UAE.

Opium is delivered from Afghanistan into Pakistan flown by NATO military aircraft into Incirlik AFB (Western Turkey) into Belgium and on to Washington DC where the Opium is transferred into “Oxycotin” used aggressively Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare networks treating Global War on Terror (GWOT) veterans causing the over +22 suicides per day and flooding and destabilizing the American “Rust Belt” ultimately compromising the American “Middle Class.”

Wow, all to kill Seth Rich who was originally a Bernie Sanders fan and knew the Clinton Campaign stole the 2016 election from Bernie Sanders leaving Seth Rich to dump over 53,000 Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails to Julian Assange at Wikileaks on July 2016.  The deeper one digs into Seth Rich, the more is revealed to associate the entire Clinton network dating back when Hillary was the Secretary of State through Benghazi to selling Uranium sales to Russia, and child trafficking in Haiti onto the Arab Springs in Tunisia, Egypt, etc.

The result of Seth Rich’s murder rising to the surface weeks ago and the Awan Brothers fleeing to Pakistan has John Podesta immediately and actively transferring over $40 Billion from the Clinton Global Foundation across the globe into Malaysia and throughout China by purchasing artwork, gold, and diamonds prepping for the Clinton Criminal syndicate falling apart under the pressure of Seth Rich’s murder.  This comes from French, Dutch, Cheq Republic and Macedonian Intelligence through Alternative Journalist George Webb and the Red Pill Network.

Today’s post doesn’t go into depth on Child trafficking or “Pedogate” nor Wasserline Schultz and the murder of the Federal Lawyer near Miami weeks ago who had access to VISA and Passport fraud leading to the Awan Brothers.  People, this “Deep State” mess manipulating and poisoning the Mainstream Media and Hollywood desperately attempting to get rid of President Donald Trump is actively falling apart at the seams.

Standby for more, please review the Red Pill Network listed below as well as alternative journalism found on YouTube into and onto, etc.  Do your own research, piece together the puzzle held from all of us private American citizens attempting to compromise our precious American way of life or the American Dream.  Hold all authorities accountable, allow today’s post to be Cliff Notes and motivate your efforts to wake up and realize, as private citizens, we must work together as a team and fight back against those who want to dictate to us what is best for our families.

This is not why my teammates and other warriors fought before and after 9/11 from Kosovo into Afghanistan onto Iraq, etc.  People, we are warriors.  We are not criminals.  My concern is some in my community may have been poisoned by the politicians and Generals throughout the American military, intelligence community and dark world of contractors since 9/11.

Stay tuned and remain motivated.  Please forward this post and share what you research and uncover!

God Bless America and our closest Allies!



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