RAW INTEL – Saddam Hussein WMD in Damascus, Syria & Awan Brothers – Pakistani ISI Fraternity – 111th

*Warning:  This is raw intelligence via CrowdSource for the Truth (YouTube) through Jason Goodman and a private military contractor and former American military released two hours ago via YouTube, June 26, 2017.

Use your judgment and do your own research.  This recent release continues the discussion and investigation of the impact on American National Security from the Awan Brothers, former United States Congressional IT system administrators contracted from Pakistani ISI connected to Debi Wasserlein Schultz, Senator (Fla – D) and the killing of Seth Rich.  What Seth Rich revealed to Wikileaks in 2016 email leak describes American Congressional and Intelligence “Rat Lines” or illegal international trade in drugs, weapons, human trafficking, and organ farming to fund global operations throughout the world.

This interview is between Jason Goodman and a private military contractor familiar with the Awan Brothers and current operations in Syria that include money laundering with the intent to setting up a Continuance of Government (COG) to overthrow the Trump Administration revealing the true intent of the Clinton Global Foundation and the “Deep State.”

One has to ask, where is former President Obama involved in all of this?  Former General Petraeus?  Are these “rat lines” the real reason Seth Rich was killed last year in D.C. (2016), because of what Seth Rich uncovered, understood and tried to reveal to the public?  Why are all law enforcement agencies including the F.B.I and D.C. Capital Police refusing to cooperate or share evidence of Seth Rich’s death?


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