2nd American Revolution is NOW!

Our American Republic has been poisoned!

Action must be taken by free American citizens, no one else can save our future.

This may come across as an alarmist however it must be stated.  My instincts and research combine to push me to write this post.  Call it intuition on Independence Day 2017, but unnatural forces are colliding at a rapid pace where the combined conflicts in Syria and with North Korea mix with existing “Rat Lines” or criminal networks run by both the Democratic Party and Republican officials with the underground government known as the Deep State or Shadow Government.  An unelected form of government run by career government and private corporate interests that refuse to respect the 2016 election of President Trump and his administration.

What do we have in America in 2017 if we do not have a federal government that collaborates instead robs the American nation of it’s wealth?  We have nothing but poisoned politicians who have succumbed to greed and criminal behavior that will continue to exploit us stealing everything from under our eyes leaving all of us out to hang with nothing.  Do you understand how serious this situation is and has become?  What are your instincts telling you?  Trust your instincts, that is why I’m choosing to write this post.

The Deep State (17 Intelligence Agencies) are far too strong underground where confirmed reports state the Shadow Government led by Barack Obama and former CIA Director John Brennan are using Pedophilia or adults having sex with children to blackmail and control both the US Congress and Senate.  What Obama, Brennan and the Democratic National Convention fears most is Donald Trump.  Trump has promised to take action against pedophilia in the “Swamp” or Washington D.C. and Hollywood where since January 20, 2017 over 3500 people have been arrested in stings throughout the United States.  Out of concern, Obama and Brennan are taking actions to stop Trump to the point the Deep State or Shadow Government is planning and taking action to remove Trump from the Presidency.  Going to extreme levels to plan his assassination sooner than later.  Simply put, the DNC and it’s followers are still upset that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election, and influential seats in both the House and Senate.

Pedophilia is used as a means to catch influential politicians in sexual acts with children.  The Deep State captures this disgusting behavior on tape holding it above the heads of our elected officials caught in the act.  They use pedophilia against these elected officials threatening to expose their crimes to the public thus controlling politicians, law enforcement, military and corporate leadership.  Intimidating these criminals to go away from their duties to do whatever the Deep State wants going against the needs and desires of private American citizens who elected them into power.  Pedophilia is what holds the Deep State together and is the source of their power and has for generations.  Only now has this been revealed providing a glimpse of opportunity for all of us to take action and shut down the power of the Deep State.  It’s our last remaining hope to recover our republic.  If not this, there is nothing that remains.

There is still hope.  Free citizens remaining power rests within free and open communication found inside the power of the Internet, YouTube, Twitter and Google.  Instant access to free information shared among citizens repeatedly and suddenly disrupts the control of the Shadow Government.  Julian Assange’s Wikileaks Email dump in October 2016 exposed the subject of active pedophile rings inside the United States government.  The momentum of that release intersected with the surprise election of Donald Trump throwing off the Deep State.  Something as simple as the power held within the hands of private citizens such as a mobile device with a camera and internet access exposes these crimes.

Time is of the essence and as free American citizens we have little time left!  There is darkness in the powers held over us that are actively taking actions against us.  They have been exposed and their crimes revealed yet no one has been held accountable.  These demons will not wait for action, they are taking action against us consolidating power underground.  Evidence in the failure of the mainstream media and the downfall of fake news agencies such as CNN.

We must ask ourselves, do we take action now or accept the unacceptable and all go down losing our beloved America?

I can understand this sounds alarming and comes across as a conspiracy theory.  Keep in mind this treasonous behavior is well documented (See below) and heavily influenced by the collaboration of the DNC, the Intelligence Community and the support of the Main Stream Media (CNN, MSNBC, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and National Public Radio) where they still favor and prefer Obama as their leader.  Obama has proven to still want the power and influence of the Presidency as seen in his rogue behavior in communicating with foreign leaders as a private citizen breaking the law known as the Logan Act (See below).

You will not hear media reports about underground resistance against the Trump administration or efforts to manipulate free American citizens.  The fact these corporate news agencies purposely withhold information and distort information even bend the truth or outright lie proves they support the effort to overthrow the Trump administration and do not care about the public safety or interests of private American citizens.  This confirms that our federal government is poisoned.

Failed attempts to elect Hillary Clinton have forced the Democratic Party to rely on Obama to go underground where he purposely moved within two blocks of the White House.  This effort to overthrow Trump also has the backing of international influence in the form of George Soros.  The Hungarian Billionaire already proven to have funded the overthrow of at least five international governments (Macedonia, Ukraine, Egypt, The Arab Spring and Tunisia to name a few).  These “color” revolutions lead to the active and current effort to overthrow the United States known as the “Purple Revolution.”


Enough is enough!  We must respect our differences and unite as one resisting as one free nation again.  Personally, I’m too flawed to lead any resistance but I will if I can.  If you are reading this report, please stop and ask yourself, do you accept the failure and corruption at the highest levels of our federal government and are you willing to stand for the injustice in routine criminal activities by our politicians and the underground/unelected government (Deep State – Career Government Workers – Intelligence Agencies)?

Please, do NOT accept this behavior anymore demand our United States of America be recovered immediately and its federal government be held accountable. If required hang politicians one at a time set examples even if extreme.

A change of course MUST take place immediately. International influence hasn’t even been mentioned yet.   As free citizens we must exercise our free rights as per the US Constitution and uphold the Bill of Rights keeping our federal government in check.  As free citizens we must take action first by communicating with our local communities, finding American leadership we trust and build a coalition that stand up against those who claim to rule over all of us.  We must unite internally and take back control of our nation and our home, if not, it will all be lost before we can say “God Bless America” and “Make America Great Again.”

As per the 1st Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, stand up and speak your mind.  Defend your right to free speech with our Second Amendment holding on to your private weapons and keep your bibles close to your families and hearts. Use common sense and rely on your instincts! Be safe yet aggressive and do not accept anything less than the best in this American life that remains.

You are not stupid, you are intelligent free citizens that deserve respect.  You (We) have all been taken advantage of far too long.  The time is now that we must take action.  Do you really want to wait for your future to be dictated by others who have no concern of your future?  Can you depend on the current elected officials?  Do they have our interests in mind?  No matter if you are a Democrat, Liberal, Conservative or Republican, we all face the same dangers.

What if President Trump is killed?  What then?  Will our rights and interests be protected?  What about our freedoms?  Will we allow the Deep State to take over the U.S. Congress and Senate even the Presidency and dictate our needs where they continue to tell us what to do and how to live our lives?  How has that worked out for us so far?Will we allow others to further degrade our freedom of thought and movement?  Use current examples as the power of the Tech corporations like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and Apple.  Do you notice your freedoms have been squandered in the surveillance state run by the Intelligence Communities? (See Edward Snowden 2013 and Wikileaks 2013-2017)  What happens if Trump is taken out, will a police state be enacted even deeper where the powers of Homeland Security, local, state and federal police be used against us leading all of us as citizens into a new direction far worse than what we have today?  Do you not see what I see?

My only remaining confidence falls within the military.  Far too many of our sons, daughters and next door neighbors are in the military.  They are our last hope.  They will prove to withstand the power of the Deep State and hold them in check, however, our military cannot be expected to withstand the storm yet fight over 15 years in international conflicts with the pending action against North Korea and Syria tipping the balance.  Our boys and girls in the military are far too distracted to take action.  In fact they depend on us free citizens back home to maintain the balance and hold those in power in check.

Demand more as free citizens.  Enough is enough!  Do not accept the status quo or the way things have always been..  Look where it’s gotten all of us.  We are over $20 Trillion in debt to international influence all from the greed of politicians and corporate interests that do not care about us.  Our American Dollar is quickly losing influence where the Petro Dollar (American Dollar backed by Oil) no longer has influence.  If we lose the Petro dollar, the entire American economy will be destroyed.  Do you realize how near a cliff we currently hang?  I’m not even describing the swift influence of the Chinese Yuan and the rapid growth and influence of the Chinese against our interests.  Do you honestly think we could survive in this current state an economic battle with the Chinese?

Take action now and form resistance at the local levels demanding more from our elected officials.  Protect our founding documents at all costs. It starts with just one free citizen to unite all.  Personally, I’m saddened and concerned we’ve reached desperate times that a free citizen must take matters in their own hands before positive changes will come.  A new beginning will not come from our politicians, they have sold us out.  Evidence in robbing our nation of it’s vast wealth shifting wealth from the middle class to the rich and influential.  Proven in how over 40% of the nation cannot even afford t write a $500 check nor has active savings in the bank accounts.  Do you not see what I see and feel?  Do you accept this?  Why are you not doing anything?

God help us on this Independence Day 2017


If you do not believe me in how serious this situation is, use examples of the crimes described above and how Barak Obama and former CIA Director John Brennan are leading the Deep State including the following:

Barak Obama breaking the Logan Act July 3, 2017 after meeting with South Korean President. – Attempting to counter President Trump, Obama goes Rogue in Indonesia and South Korea


3 July 2017 – Obama in Indonesia – Praising Islam yet talking down to American citizens telling them to refrain in Patriotism on 4th of July 2017
Former CIA Director John Brennan running Deep State – Plans Trump Assassination
May 29, 2017:  https://www.infowars.com/infowars-nightly-news-live-brennan-and-the-deep-state-double-down-on-trump/
Obama – “We are no longer a Christian Nation”
Obama – Hand not over heart during National Anthem- Disrespect
Obama International Apology Tour






















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