American Revolution! – KILL T.V., Cable & Fake News

Let me give you a positive suggestion that will save your health and America.

Start immediately by trashing your televisions.  They no longer work.  T.V. is overrun by the United States government used as a tool to control you.  Evidence is found in Fake News on CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews and ABC/NBC and CBS.

Ask yourself, what value are you getting from your T.V.?  Are you investing your time and energy even focus effectively?  Go away from CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS and NBC instead turn to YouTube private Journalists (See Below).  When you take action and start small such as leaving your T.V. and be proactive, your small action will have a ripple effect that will change America for the better!  Fake News is deadly, far too dangerous in these dangerous times to rely on.  Do not put your families in a position you will regret.  For me, make the shift and start the 2nd American Revolution now.  Get your news elsewhere from private journalist proven to bring a refreshing truth you never expected.

Start taking action by shutting off your television.  Get rid of your TV and throw it away.  Sounds crazy, huh?  I have not watched television since October 2015 minus a time or two since.  I’m telling you it has made dramatic positive changes in my personal health.  Proven in improved attention and focus, I’ve recovered more of my time and I’ve saved over $2,000 annually since by not paying for cable.

Shift to your mobile device pulling up Google, YouTube and Twitter.  Go away from mainstream media, it will be difficult at first but old habits die hard.  You will immediately feel a sense of fresh relief listening to the knowledge, expertise and intelligence from private journalists on YouTube.  These journalist either provide their content for free or take donations.  There are no commercials or corporate influence dictating what these journalists report.  It may appear crude or homemade because it is.  People are literally reporting in their home offices or on the streets of America.

Start with the following YouTube journalist and do your own research.  Keep in mind, Google and Youtube even Facebook and Twitter are influenced by the Deep State.  Example is how the CIA paid Jeff Bezos and Amazon a $600 million contract to run database and data analysis for the deep state.  Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post.  See the conflict of interest?

YouTube Private Journalist:

Lee Stranahan:

Twitter @Stranahan


Crowdsource The Truth:

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Youtube Channel:

George Webb:

YouTube Channel:

The Outer Light:

YouTube Channel:

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