Is Hillary Clinton being held accountable for Benghazi? Trump appears to negotiate with Deep State

Finally, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts are being called into question about Benghazi and past corrupt charges that were left unresolved.  Is this the opportunity to finally hold the Clinton’s accountable for criminal behavior?

It appears the Deep State is negotiating with the Trump administration over the controversial Benghazi incident.  During the controversial take over of Libya, a US Army General and US Navy Admiral were arrested for countering the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton over rescue attempts of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.  Refusing to follow orders in stepping down both senior military officers attempted to send out rescue forces to save Ambassador Stevens and his team.  The result is both men were punished and immediately removed from command positions.

It appears both Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted Ambassador Stevens to be killed for his knowledge in “Rat Lines” or criminial child sex trafficking in Libya.  Time will tell if the Trump administration will succeed in holding Obama and Hillary accountable.

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